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December 24, 2003

Sweet, Sweet, Music

Big news, folks: the brilliant and talented Isaac and Shawn have finished recording our first track. We're looking into distribution solutions that won't kill us on bandwidth, so check back soon for it to be posted!

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December 21, 2003

Welcome to Once More, With Hobbits

Welcome to OMWH. This site has been remarkably more popular than we'd ever thought it would be. Thanks so much to everyone for taking a look, commenting, and especially for posting links to us! Please bear with us as we update the site to accommodate a much larger audience than we had anticipated.

The first big change is that we have our own domain name, OMWH.com. The old URL will still work, but OMWH.com is just cleaner and easier to type.

We've added two new sections to the site as well. We've added this page, obviously, so that news items and announcements won't be cluttering up the lyrics page. And our online store is up too (graciously hosted by cafepress). All our visitors are taxing our free bandwidth to the limit, and we are going to start having to pay for bandwidth very soon. When we put up gigantic MP3 files the bandwidth situation is only going to get worse. Buying a T-shirt helps us keep the site running! We only have two T-shirt designs available at the moment. Expect more by next Sunday, including Eowyn, Legolas, Gimli, and Gollum.

The Music and Photos sections of the site are currently not active, but we suspect they will be soon! We know that sing-alongs happened in Sacramento, CA and Boston, MA, if you have pictures from those, please send them our way. If you know of other sing-alongs, please send us photos! There are also photos of our performance in New York City, we just have to get them from our various friends.

Music, in the form of MP3s are coming as well. We are having a recording session on Tuesday for the vocals of Standing and Rest in Peace. Once our music guy gets a chance to put it all together we will have two MP3s for you. I can't guarantee that it will be next Sunday at this point, but it should be with in two weeks.

Speaking of next Sunday, we will have more lyrics up then: Where Do We Go From Here?, the final parting of the Fellowship at the Grey Havens. In general we will have some sort of new content up every Sunday at midnight, US Eastern Standard Time (GMT - 5).

But now here's the actual content for this week, the Under Your Spell / Standing reprise. Enjoy!

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