Once More, With Hobbits

What You Feel

Why try to run away
Don't you ever learn
All Middle Earth will pay
Cause you did Sauron one bad turn
I've come here to cause your destruction
Consider that part of my introduction
So what'd you say
You can't stop his return

I'm the undead king
Leader of the Nine
Holder of a Ring
I've got no plans to resign
I prefer to maim ruin and scar
'Cause it's good to be the Witch King of Angmar
Sauron's sharpest sting
It makes me feel so fine

'Cause I am what you fear, fools
I am just what you fear, fools

All you Rohirrim
Your attack's no threat
It was a clever scheme
But this city's not saved yet
You've not seen the full might of Sauron
Children shouldn't play when there's a war on
I'll make you all scream
Without breaking a sweat

You brought me down and doomed this town
You petty horseling lord
You're such a wreck that I could snap your neck
As simply as your sword

'Cause I am what you fear, fools

Touch that man, lose the hand
For you shall never take him

And your end is near, fools

Now in death, let him rest
And the sweet earth embrace him

You're too late to be his salvation
So it's time to end this conversation

What's the cost, if we've lost
One more body to slaughter

You can't win so don't try to play me
No man's hand has the power to slay me

Then my dad would be glad
That he fathered a daughter

Such a little thing
To bring it tumbling down

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