Once More, With Hobbits

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These will be made avalible as they are created, so long as we have bandwidth. Please download with Bit Torrent if possible. The onsite Bit Torrent download may not start correctly, try saving the file to your computer with the extentions ".mp3.torrent" and opening it once it is saved. The offsite Bit Torrent download leads to a very large list of files. A search for "Once More With Hobbits" will find us. Please leave your Bit Torrent windows open so that others may download faster.

Original Music and Lyrics by Joss Whedon
Original Arrangement by Christopher Beck & Jesse Tobias
Lyrics by Jessica and Chris
Music and Arrangement by Isaac Everett

Rest In Peace - Shawn as Saruman and Anthony as Gandalf. Onsite Bit Torrent. Direct link.

Standing - Shawn as Samwise Gamgee. Onsite Bit Torrent. Offsite Bit Torrent. Direct link.

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